Yamaha Raptor Modifications Exist

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Though every year new models of Yamaha Raptors are arriving, even a child with age below 6 is driving All Terrain Vehicles, but as we know, troubles always exist for the All Terrain Vehicle drivers. For instance, if you are using 660 quad Yamaha Raptor on the sand, you will feel like it lacks power. It is mainly due to the type of tire you are using in your Raptor. To ride on sands you need sand tires instead of using the default one.

Many All Terrain Vehicle drivers wish to make their Raptor unique and highly powerful. You can do so with some kind of modifications. For instance if you are a Yamaha raptor 700 user and you want to make your raptor go faster than usual, you can do so by cylinder boring, porting and also with some turbo kits which can double the horsepower and the torque. As we know, the easiest and efficient way to make your all terrain vehicle to go faster is to make it breath easier. You can do so with aftermarket exhaust and air filter, I suggest porting and polishing the head and other internal modifications and also that would be expensive.
If you are thinking about making your Yamaha raptor road legal, you need to consider the following things before going for modifications.

Raptor is a four wheeled vehicle, hence it would be considered as a car and not as motorcycle. You need to modify your raptor to conform EPA vehicle emissions standard. This includes EGR valve, Catalytic converter, positive crankcase ventilation and sealed fuel system with carbon canister. The main thing is you should use only the Department of Transportation approved wheels with tires rated for highway use. You should use Department of Transportation (DOT) approved windshield and windshield wipers. You need to use only DOT approved headlights, brake lights and turn signals. Also you should use only the DOT approved seat belts. You should install near view mirrors. You should install speedometer, which is corrected for any final drive modifications like final gearing changes and tire diameter changes. 2012 Yamaha YFZ450R

One of my best friend ride Yamaha Raptor 450r on the road, I installed head light, tail lingts and turn signals and I don't use speedometer, but it is SCDMV registered and I also have licence plate. But this is for South Carolina only, where you can drive tractors on the road. Rules would be different in other states, so always make sure you modify your Yamaha Raptor keeping the road rules in mind.
You must always remember Yamaha Raptor Modification does exist, so no matter what kind of problem you are dealing with your raptor, you can always use some kind of modifications to avoid it


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