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Trail Tested: Reflex MX vs. ATV By THQ For XBox 360

Trail Tested: Reflex MX vs. ATV By THQ For XBox 360
Reflex MX vs. ATV by THQ Some have said that playing an ATV-based video game is the next-best thing to riding. Well, let us go on record as saying it’s not. There was no wind in our face, no dust in our eyes, no mud on our gear and no pressure-washing fun when it was all done. Reflex MX vs. ATV That...
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Trail Tested: Cardo Scala Rider MultiSet Q2

Trail Tested: Cardo Scala Rider MultiSet Q2
Testing Cardo Systems "Cardo Scala Rider MultiSet Q2" helmet communicator I started my rebellion against technology around the time co-workers, friends and motorists started using Bluetooth headsets for their cell phones. To me, those ear blinkers suggest people take themselves way too seriously...
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Extreme Max ATV Ramp Xtender

Extreme Max Products ATV Ramp Xtender You’ve seen pickups with bed extenders set on top of the tailgate. They’re handy to increase the capacity of trucks that have short cargo boxes, especially crew cabs that are popular. Extreme Max Products has taken that idea and improved it for ATVers by incorporating...
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Stow It: Tippmann Rhino Drawer

“Where am I going to put THIS?” It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves when out driving around in our side-by-sides. The THIS in question could include a spare pair of gloves, a couple bottles of water, a first-aid kit, a tow rope, a spare set of goggles or glasses, a jacket, a Thermos, a...
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Adrenaline’s 29FIB Surge Toybox Trailer

Friends called it the luxmobile — short for luxury trailer. I called it one of the best toybox trailers I’ve been lucky enough to test.The Adrenaline 29FIB Surge toybox trailer has everything one needs to enjoy the open road and favorite riding areas. Pile up the miles on the pavement, then easily...
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Tent Ahoy! X-Treme PAC, From Sports by Napier

It is an invention someone would have gotten around to inventing sometime. It makes too much sense. Sportz by Napier has built the X-Treme PAC, which is a small duffle bag that holds a two-person tent, two sleeping bags and two mini-stools. The bag is sufficiently small so that it can be easily packed...
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Slow Ride: Hummer H3

Hummer is leaving its military roots behind and downsizing its portfolio with the real-life-sized H3, a flashy and comfortable SUV designed to give off the essential street cred while expanding the reach of the once-exclusive brand. We tested an H3 in the dunes of Southern California on a search for...
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Safety Seal tire repair kit

This portable 10-piece tire repair kit will fit in a backpack, storage box or rack bag and fix almost any type of puncture to your ATV tire. Safety Seal designed the kit to fix a flat and get ATV riders back on the trail, not limp back to camp. We like that! How It Works Oddly, for this test we purposely...
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Hunting In A Hurry with Rapid Blind

Quads are a great tool for getting all the necessary gear to the site, but then what do you do with it? Many try to create makeshift camouflage from natural material, others drive far off site, then have to hoof it back to their hunting post. But, what if you had a blind that attached to the machine?...
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