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2009 No Limits ATV, UTV Calendars

PRESS RELEASE - The Ultimate Conversation Piece! There is no better way to schedule all those riding days than with this year’s No Limits ATV or UTV calendar. Measuring a poster size 15” x 30” these wall calendars are huge and jam-packed with eye candy. The ATV / Quad calendar is loaded with more...
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Pull Behind ATV Drag Works Well

It has been said that in spring, a young man’s thoughts turn to new love. Most of our staff is long-married, however, so it’s far safer (and significantly less expensive) to have our spring thoughts turn to a new growing season instead. If you’re like us, spring is when we rake, plow, disc, dig,...
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Hot products from the Indianapolis Dealer Expo

Every year at the Indianapolis Dealer Expo aftermarket suppliers try to get dealers on board to sell their latest products — it’s the single, greatest place to spot what’s new for the ATV and UTV industry. Here are the top 19 new products that caught our eyes. Warn XT40 Winch The XT40 showcases...
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Yamaha Raptor 250 Mods

300-class Raptor Owner/Project Engineer: Wiseco Piston Company/Dave Sulecki HOMETOWN: Mentor, Ohio CLASS: Entry-level What if you had 180 or so hours to kill? Would you use that time to design ATV engine parts and build a project quad? Chances are you wouldn’t, but for aftermarket companies it’s...
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ATV Gifts For Everyone

Ready or not, it’s that time of the year again and those objectionable luxury car and jewelry commercials are back on the air, showing well-to-do wives being led outside to a new gold and diamond encrusted SUV with a red bow on top. Does this sound like your life? I didn’t think so, and it’s not...
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Adrenaline’s 29FIB Surge Toybox Trailer

Friends called it the luxmobile — short for luxury trailer. I called it one of the best toybox trailers I’ve been lucky enough to test.The Adrenaline 29FIB Surge toybox trailer has everything one needs to enjoy the open road and favorite riding areas. Pile up the miles on the pavement, then easily...
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Modified 450R

RIDER: David Burton AGE: 20 HOMETOWN: Columbia City, Ind. CLASS: GNCC 20+ C class David Burton competes in the C-class ranks in the Grand National Cross Country racing series. To ensure he has a good shot at improving in his second year and hopefully challenge for the podium, this young kid from Columbia...
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Yamaha Raptor 80 Mods

RIDER: Courteney Metts AGE: 12 CLASS: Recreational rider While most 12-year-old girls are obsessed with Hannah Montana and dressing a certain way to impress their friends, Courteney Metts of New Castle, Pa., has other things on her mind. She can’t take her mind off her custom Yamaha Raptor 80. “She...
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Honda 450R Mods: Desert Racing Tips & Parts

Breaking down sucks. If you’re in the middle of a hot desert, it can be deadly. If you’re gunning for the championship in a major desert racing series and your quad falls apart, you might wish you were dead. Ed Teixeira (Teixeira Tech) knows all about this stuff. And he knows how to conquer it. With...
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