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How To: ATV Hauling Tips

How To: ATV Hauling Tips
Whether the destination is a repair shop, an epic riding area far away from home or hunting land out in the country, most ATV owners will have to haul their machine on a trailer or in a pickup truck. Securing an ATV on a trailer or in a truck seems simple enough, so giving pointers about how to do it...
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How-To: 7 Used-Quad Buying Tips

How-To: 7 Used-Quad Buying Tips
Whether you’re looking to pick up an ATV for a spouse or kid to share fun on the trails, or you need another workhorse to make chores easier, consider picking up a used quad if money is tight right now. Here are a few tips to help make sure you buy it right. 1. Start with the basics Appearance of things...
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Planning A Great Day Ride

Planning A Great Day Ride
Riding off-road is an escape from the norm for ATV enthusiasts. It’s their chance to explore nature and put a smile on their face. However, that smile could be replaced with a frown and supporting expletives if a rider takes his sport and machine for granted. Whether it’s a trip through the mountains,...
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10 Top ATV Tips For Deer Season

If you’re reading this you probably have or will have an ATV come deer season. And that makes you one of the lucky ones because there are few things that can add more to the success and enjoyment of deer hunting than an ATV. Taking full advantage of your advantage takes a little thought. Here are my...
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Blog Post: Reducing Blistering Hands

In yet another fantastic blog entry, author and frequent poster Jon Rhodig gives us his tips for blister-free hands this riding season. Its a fact of life for most ATV riders, blistered hands. If your not having problems with blistered hands then your probably not riding hard enough! All joking aside...
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Adrenaline’s 29FIB Surge Toybox Trailer

Friends called it the luxmobile — short for luxury trailer. I called it one of the best toybox trailers I’ve been lucky enough to test.The Adrenaline 29FIB Surge toybox trailer has everything one needs to enjoy the open road and favorite riding areas. Pile up the miles on the pavement, then easily...
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To The Wire: Steps for Winching Success

One second of inattention could lead to months of regret and excruciating pain. But, in the heat of the moment, it’s often easy to get careless when winching. Much like the ATV itself, winches need to be treated with the utmost respect every time they are in use. Thousands of times a day, ATV owners...
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Tips for Moving Snow

Have you ever tried to ride a snowblower? We didn’t think so. Even if you have tried, don’t admit it. There’s really only one way to move snow and ride at the same time. That’s with an ATV. We can hear some people saying, “What about a lawn tractor?” We usually come back with something like,...
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Setting Up A Yamaha Rhino For Hunting, Fishing

Sure, our ultimate hunting and fishing ATV still sits in our shop, ready for solo excursions, but when we’re ready for an outdoor adventure and we have a partner tagging along, there’s no better choice than loading up an off-road utility vehicle. We selected the Yamaha Rhino not only for its ability...
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Lighten Up With Billet Aluminum Parts

Billet aluminum parts, such as a skid plate and bumpers, will lighten the ATV, obviously, but they may last longer than the stock products they replaced. Plus, an aluminum skid plate or high-composite plastic skid plate can slide over rocks and logs that often hide in the bottom of the bogs. A properly...
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