Yamaha Raptor 660 Modifications

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The Yamaha Raptor 660R is one of the sport ATV created by Yamaha. It is made with a 600cc. It contains single cylinder, 5 valve and 4 stroke engine. It is designed in order to perform well in every riding condition.

As we all know, we can easily modify Yamaha Raptor 660R to suit best for us. Turbo kit with EFI comes with everything we need to turbo charge the Yamaha Raptor. The main thing is turbo charging your Yamaha raptor is not as easy as you think, there are other mods that needs to be done to make the turbo system work as an effective power booster. I would recommend low compression piston with a Hinson 6 spring clutch and the related components.
As we know, ATV power packs averagely increases 15% of the horsepower and it will provide a better performance. More over they are very easy to install and it is compatible with aftermarket exhaust systems like DMC, etc. .An ATV power pack should include jets, needle, spring, shims, K&N recharge kit, etc.

A new cam can easily improve the power of all terrain vehicles. Considering the grind of the cam you are going to purchase, the power increase of the Raptor would be in the top speed or the overall power may be increased.

If you are using your Yamaha Raptor 660R in sand surfaces, I would highly recommend modifying the tires with sand tires, It will not only increase the speed, it will also avoid lacking problems and will reduce the use of fuel.

To increase the horsepower effectively, I suggest using Boondocker Nitrous Kit. This system uses a patent pending nitrous manifold, which is used to inject nitrous. It does it before the carburetor injects into the air intake and also at the same time it helps in pressurizing the carburetor in order to increase the amount of fuel vaporizing. The excess amount of nitrous is matched by additional fuel; hence it will increase the horsepower effectively. The main thing is the amount of nitrous being used can be easily adjusted on the manifold and so we can set it up differently for various applications and for various riding types.
Before starting to modify your raptor, you need to consider modifying it to suit legal issues also. Modify your raptor to conforming EPA vehicle emissions standard, which includes EGR valve, Catalytic converter and also positive crankcase ventilation and sealed fuel system and carbon canister. Before installing new equipments to your raptor always confirm you are using Department of Transportation (DOT) approved equipments.
2012 Yamaha YFZ450R
To avoid spending more money for the modification of your Yamaha Raptor, try searching internet for cheap products and for some better ideas.


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