Yamaha Raptor 350R Modifications

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If you talk about modifying Yamaha Raptor 350R, you need to take care of 4 things namely - Performance, Protection, Graphics and Covers.

Performances are the most important thing in all vehicles and so carefully modify your raptor 350R for better performance. There are about 8 accessories available for the modification of Raptor 350R. They are - Oval Muffler, Stainless Steel Replacement Strap and Rubber, Replacement Spark Arrestor, Carburetor Jet Kit, Billet Air Filter Adaptor, High Flow Air Filter, Pre Filter and Deluxe Hour Meter & Tachometer. Oval Muffler passes the 96 dBA 20" stationary test. It is being used by the authorities in few public riding areas. It also increases the mid range horsepower to over 25% and it helps in gaining a 2 peak horsepower. It is completely rebuild able. Stainless Steel Replacement Strap and Rubber has a replacement strap with rubber insulator and mount. It fits Oval Carbon Fiber as well as Aluminum mufflers. It doesn't fit fixed rubber mount type. Replacement Spark Arrestor is mainly designed for exhaust systems and it also fits all the exhaust systems with one-piece end caps. The Carburetor Jet Kit is mainly designed to improve the power and drivability when the air filter is being used in the stock engine. It includes 2 pilot jets with 10 main jets. Billet Air Filter Adaptor allows use of High flow air filters. The Deluxe hour meter & tachometer helps in keeping track of the engine's work hours.
As we all know, protection is the most important thing while riding and there are 9 accessories available to increase protection for your raptor 350R. They are - Front Grab Bar, Rear Grab Bar, Engine/Frame Skid Plate, A-Arm Skid Plates, Swing Arm Skid Plate, Frame Guards, Front Sprocket Cover, Billet Generator Cover, and Billet Throttle Housing Cover. Billet Throttle Housing Cover is strong, lightweight billet aluminum. Billet Generator Cover has been made from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and with special ball burnished finish.

When we talk about stylish graphics comes to our mind,To create a better look for your Raptor 350R there are 2 accessories available, namely - Raptor 350 White/Red Tribal Graphic Kit and Raptor 350 Blue Tribal Graphic Kit. Raptor 350 White/Red Tribal Graphic Kit has a one decal set and a one seat cover. Raptor 350 Blue Tribal Graphic Kit also includes one decal set as well as one seat cover. 2012 Yamaha YFZ450R

For Covers there are four accessories available namely - Yamaha Spare Tire Cover, ATV Cover, Front Shock Covers and Rear Shock Covers. Yamaha Spare Tire Cover can fit many of the mid size tires. ATV cover is used for protecting the ATV while in storage and it also comes with its own storage bag. The shock covers helps in protecting the ATV against rocks and debris.


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