Texas ATV Trails – The Twin Buttes OHV Area (With Video)

South, West — on April 1, 2011 at 11:54 am

The Twin Buttes Reservoir Public Use Area is host to many outdoor activities: fishing, boating, camping, hiking, and picnicking – but, as far as I’m concerned, the best use for this awesome piece of land is off-roading! Located outside of San Angelo, TX, it’s approximately 4 ½ hours from Dallas, 3 ½ hours from San Antonio, and 38 hours from Talkeetna, AK (for any of you Alaskans who might be reading).

The only thing needed to ride out there is a little white and green Texas Off Highway Vehicle Program sticker that can be obtained for, at the time this was written, $10 in the San Angelo Family Powersports dealer. From town it’s only a six mile drive out the staging area, where picnic tables, plenty of parking, sun shelters, and a beautiful view of the Twin Buttes Reservoir welcome you.

The trails range from flat and sandy down by the lake, to steep and rocky closer near the Twin Buttes. The unique one-way trails north of the staging area are a lot of fun as they wind up and down hills, along with dipping in and out of dry creek bottoms.

If you enjoy fishing, camping, or boating along with ATVing, then the Twin Buttes Reservoir Public Use Area would be perfect for combining all four sports. You could literally drop your boat off near the boat ramp, park your ATV on shore next to it, go boating and fish for a while, then get out of the boat and take your ATV to the more inaccessible fishing areas near the old boat ramp, explore the trails for a few hours, then ride back and have a fish fry under one of the shelters by your boat, before setting up a tent and spending a night under the stars.

To read more about this amazing riding area, go to www.atvmagblog.com and check out my article titled “Riding In Texas – The Twin Buttes OHV Area”.

-By Cody Smith

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  • Adam and Lindy says:

    COOL!!!!! Adam
    Cody, very impressive! Makes me want to head on down there. Creative shots and Great job with the commentary. Looking forward to seeing more like this. Lindy

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