Ogio ATV Rear Rack Bag

Accessories — on March 28, 2011 at 8:37 am

Hauling extra gear, tools, snacks and supplies is one of the cornerstones of a successful and fun ATV ride. From old milk crates to improvised plywood boxes, we’ve seen our fair share of creative storage ideas. Allow us to suggest a classy, very functional alternative — Ogio’s ATV Rear rack bag.

Ogio ATV Rear Rack bag.

Ogio ATV Rear Rack bag.

With 72.5 liters of total storage, and 11- by 12- by 33-inch dimensions, the ATV Rear is capable of hauling a lot of stuff. We’ve used it for a couple of years, but only a recent three-day ATV camping trip explored its limits — otherwise we usually packed the bag with bungee cords, a tow strap, trail-side snacks, some basic tools, rain gear, hats, car keys, cell phones and a few tire repair kits. That’s basically everything you need for a day on the trail, and it still doesn’t come close to filling this handy bag up.

Sealed with easy plastic buckles that feel solid, the bag’s got multiple internal compartments with collapsible partitions, and mesh pockets around the perimeter for loose items. A “tool gutter” also allows segregating hard parts from soft goods, while two water bottle compartments keep the liquids properly separate.

It attaches to any ATV rack with simple hook-and-loop, Velcro-style enclosures that stay put, and don’t allow it to flop around on bumpy rides. Also, it’s a very nice looking rack bag, especially compared to the homemade solutions you see out on the trail.

The ATV Rear Bag is one of the best soft-sided bags we’ve used throughout the years, and is clearly designed to last. Ours has hardly aged during a full couple of seasons of use.

Ogio also makes a more shallow, front-mounted ATV rack bag that starts at $170.

Price: $250 (black), $280 (camo)

Contact: www.Ogio.com

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