ATV Flat Tire Defender Inserts

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Here's a shot of an insert and how it fits inside an ATV Tire. (Image courtesy FTD)

Here's a shot of an insert and how it fits inside an ATV Tire. (Image courtesy FTD)

ATV Flat Tire Defender Inserts, constructed of high-density foam, are engineered to fit inside a tire and prevent damage to a tire and wheel in the event of a flat tire while you continue to ride. ATV Flat Tire Defender Inserts are available for both utility and sport quad applications and vary slightly for each use.

Utility ATV Inserts

These inserts work with normal air pressure and help reduce tire bounce and steering feedback. “If a tire puncture does occur most people say they know something is different but find it comparable to a couple pounds of low pressure,” the Flat Tire Defender Website explains. FTD says its inserts, made from materials consisting of open cell, high-impact and high-density foam, help to support the height and width of 4×4 ATV tires and can assist in carrying the vehicle load on the tire sidewall even with a tire puncture. Also, if there’s a flat, the tire will stay on the bead with the FTD Inserts installed.

Image courtesy of Flat Tire Defender

Image courtesy of Flat Tire Defender

Sport ATV Inserts

These inserts have the ability to be ran with normal PSI or with no air inserted in the tirem (certain conditions), according to the company.  In sporty applications, the lightweight FTD’s foam dampens tire bounce and keep the bead on the rim. “Unlike 4×4 ATVs, the lower tire sidewalls and lighter vehicle weight of the two-wheel-drive sport puts less pressure on the tire sidewalls. Lower air pressure than normal can be used in conjunction with FTD inserts for ultimate traction,” said FTD on its site.

Price: Starting at $68 (call for specifics and sizing)


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