Polaris KTP Helmet

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Dual sport helmets are nothing new. Developed for motorcycles that are ridden both on and off the pavement, they are an off-road type with a face shield so goggles aren’t needed. What’s new is a popular price range for dual sport helmets, like this Polaris KTP helmet. Since we do see some ATV riders wearing helmets with shields, we decided to examine how dual sport helmets would work for riding quads.

Polaris KTP Helmet

Polaris KTP Helmet

The KTP starts with an acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) outer shell for resilient strength. A polycarbonate single-lens face shield pivots under the extensions of a swoopy adjustable visor. The quick release chin strap is a great plus at this price, too.

The helmet went on easily and fit me comfortably. I immediately noticed that peripheral vision with the face shield is greatly improved over the best goggles. And raising the shield for a trail break is definitely easier than fumbling with goggles. The short, well-vented visor does provide some shade and it showed no tendency to lift at 50 mph.

The biggest difference from an off-road helmet with goggles is ventilation. Despite three chin bar vents, I found that I wanted to ride with the shield open a bit. Even a half-inch opening provided enough air flow on a warm day, and the shield stayed where I put it despite bouncing on rocky terrain. When it started to rain, I noted that riding with the shield decreased eyestrain compared to goggles, probably due to the longer focal length to the lens and the falling rain drops.

However, this isn’t an easy helmet to clean. The shield should be removed and flushed with water to remove dirt, and the pivot screws that also secure the visor are concealed under snap-out plastic caps on each side.

It’s obvious that Polaris plans to sell this helmet to riders of all brands because there’s no brand identification, just one small Polaris decal that can be installed if desired.

The DOT-certified KTP helmet comes in sizes from S to 2XL with a soft protective bag included. The only color now is gloss black but additional color choices are coming. — David Wells

Price: $99.99

Contact: www.polarisindustries.com

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