Turn A Yamaha Grizzly Into An Ultimate Hunting ATV

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It won’t be long now.

Before you know it, the days will start getting noticeably shorter, and the nights significantly cooler. The dog days of summer will turn to early, then mid fall. The kids will go back to school, football season will be in full swing, then leaves will trade their bright green hues in favor of yellows, reds and brown before tumbling to the earth.

To many outdoors enthusiasts and sportsmen, all of this ushers in the best time of year: The fall hunt. To help get you in the mood, we offer this special hunting season buggy. It started life as a camo-edition Yamaha Grizzly 550 EFI EPS and was then outfitted with more than a dozen products to make it ready for action this fall.

This season, an ATV Reviews staff member will direct this Grizz into the woods and, like many of you, will be in pursuit of a trophy buck. Let’s take a closer look at the products that took a common Grizzly and turned it into our ultimate hunting machine.

Yamaha's Front Brush Guard
Yamaha’s Front Brush Guard

Yamaha Heavy-Duty Front Brush Guard — $250

The front profile of our Grizzly looked tougher and was tougher after we added a new front bumper and brush guard from Yamaha’s Parts and Accessories Division (YPAD). It mounted easily, using the four low mounts from the stock bumper, plus the front bolt holes on our standard rack. The tubular brush guard features a durable and fresh-looking powder-coated finish, with grills on both sides of the center. A hole in the lower center creates the perfect spot for a winch – something we will be adding before hunting season. www.yamaha-motor.com

Kolpin's Stealth Exhaust

Kolpin's Stealth Exhaust

Kolpin Stealth Exhaust — $264

Some folks add custom exhaust systems to their trucks, cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles and ATVs to add noise to their machine, but Kolpin has a solution for folks that want to take their machine in the opposite direction. Kolpin’s Stealth exhaust systems cut the noise output in half while maintaining the engine’s stock performance by adding a second, high-flow, low-restriction muffler onto the standard exhaust. Unfortunately, due to the location of the exhaust, we weren’t able to add the sporty heat shield to our Yamaha, but we enjoyed the quieter exhaust note on our trips through the woods. www.kolpinpowersports.com

Vision Buckshot Camo Wheels

Vision Buckshot Camo Wheels

Vision Buckshot Camo Wheels — $130 each

The most eye-catching addition to our Grizzly was a set of RealTree Hardwood camo-colored Buck Shot wheels from Vision Wheels. The camo pattern is transferred to the aluminum wheels through a cellos ink transfer process, then coated with a matte clear coat for extra protection. The attention to detail on the wheels is amazing – even the center cap and rivets carry a hunting theme, as they are designed to look like actual shell casings. The wheels look awesome, plus they have a higher weight carrying capacity than the stock wheels. You won’t find these special edition wheels on the Vision Wheels’ web site – instead, visit www.atv.parts-unlimited.com

Vision Trailfinder VPR Tires — $120-$130 each
As long as we were getting Vision wheels, we decided to match them with some of Vision’s new Trailfinder VPR tires. These 6-ply radials are designed with a flatter tread area to give more contact area with the ground than most stock tires. We went up in size, with AT26×10R14s replacing stock AT25×8-12s up front and AT26×12R14s in place of AT25×10-12s in the rear. The lug pattern is mildly aggressive – meaning they’ll provide the traction we need in virtually all conditions while avoiding the rough ride of super-aggressive mud tires. The big meats filled our wheel wells with style and gave us a boost in traction. www.atv.parts-unlimited.com

Yamaha's Black Overfenders
Yamaha’s Black Overfenders

Yamaha Overfenders — $168
Our wider tire-and-wheel package caused us to think about ways to protect ourselves from flying water, rocks, mud and other debris. For a solution, we again turned to Yamaha’s Parts division for some black overfenders. They added a custom look, plus up to 3.5 inches of additional fender width in the rear and 3 inches on the front, on each side. The fenders expertly fit the contours of our Grizzly. Installation took a bit of work, as we needed to measure and drill 24 holes in the stock fenders to mount the overfenders, but an hour’s worth of work gave our machine a great look. www.yamaha-motor.com

Primos Camo ATV Spotlight
Primos Camo ATV Spotlight

Primos Camo ATV Spotlight — $65
OK, leave the deer shining jokes at home. This 1.5 million candlepower spotlight has countless uses beyond illegal activity. For getting to and from your hunting spot before dawn, searching the woods or signaling for assistance, this light we found at Cabela’s throws a ton of light. It mounts easily, attaching to the front rack with a single clamp (two bolts), and gets its power from our Grizzly’s 12-volt outlet. The light can pivot 360 degrees on its base or be tilted up and down with ease. It can also be detached from the mounting bracket for in-hand use. A coiled 10-foot cord makes it very useful. The camo finish made it fit right into this buggy. www.cabelas.com

Yamaha's Camo Seat Cover
Yamaha’s Camo Seat Cover

Yamaha Camo Seat Cover — $46
If you’re going to have a camouflaged machine, why not also have a camo seat? YPAD helped us make that jump with a Realtree AP HD Camo seat cover. Installation was easy – simply stretch the seat cover over the existing seat, then tighten and secure using Velcro-style hook and loop fastener straps. Because it came directly from Yamaha, it matches our machine perfectly, and it gave our seat a slighter tackier surface, keeping our butt in place. www.yamaha-motor.com

Powermadd's Trailstar Hand Guards
Powermadd’s Trailstar Hand Guards

Powermadd Trail Star Hand Guards — $20 (guards); $25 (mount kit)
Nothing can ruin an adventure faster than getting a chill, but big windshields aren’t for everyone. Plus, nobody likes the feeling of an unexpected “THWACK!” across the knuckles from a wayward branch. To protect our digits, we chose Trail Star hand guards from Powermadd. They measure about 10 inches wide and just over 5 inches tall at their tallest point. They can be mounted in varying positions, depending on how close you want them to your brake levers. They were ideal for this project, because the Trail Star guards are available in many different colors – including four different versions of Realtree camo — the same pattern as our Yamaha’s bodywork. www.powermadd.com

Masterbuilt Hitch-Haul Sport
Masterbuilt Hitch-Haul Sport

Masterbuilt Hitch-Haul Sport — $79
We saw them behind SUVs and decided we needed a rear accessory rack for our Grizzly. At Cabela’s, we found the High-Haul Sport from Masterbuilt Outdoor Products. The Hitch-Haul is 48 inches long by 19 inches wide, with heavy-duty construction using 1-inch, powder-coated tubular steel. It plugs into a 2-inch receiver hitch on any ATV (we had to add a receiver hitch to our Grizzly). A raised edge on three sides makes it easy to tie down whatever you’re bringing with, and the Hitch-Haul Sport is rated to carry 300 pounds. It’s perfect for the hunting ATVer who brings a lot of equipment, yet still needs space to bring his whitetail back to the hunting camp. www.cabelas.com

Yamaha's Grizzly Rear-Rack Extention

Yamaha's Grizzly Rear-Rack Extention

Yamaha Rear Rack Extension — $150
Our Grizzly’s cargo carrying capabilities were further enhanced with the addition of a rear rack extension from Yamaha. This stand-up extension put a 6-inch tall fence around the back and part of the sides of our rear rack, making it easier to keep items in place and providing more tie-down points for hunters on the go. The installation was a breeze, and it fit expertly. www.yamaha-motor.com

Sure Grip ATV Double Gun or Bow Rack
Sure Grip ATV Double Gun or Bow Rack

Sure Grip ATV Double Gun or Bow Rack — $108
The folks at Sure Grip know that safe and secure transport of a valued firearm or bow is important to any hunting ATV owner, so they came up with simple, affordable solution. The company’s Double Gun or Bow Rack mounts easily to the handlebars. Two rows of padded, secure clamps each hold a gun or bow directly in front of the driver, where you can keep an eye on it. Sure Grip makes a variety of similar products for mounting firearms or other products to various locations on an ATV or UTV. www.suregrip.com

Kolpin ATV/UTV Utility Bag
Kolpin ATV/UTV Utility Bag

Kolpin ATV/UTV Utility Bag – $103
The multiple pockets and infinite uses of the Kolpin ATV/UTV Utility Bag made it a popular addition to our Grizzly. The bag is relatively small in stature, measuring 13 inches wide by 20.5 inches long by 10 inches high, yet it will hold a ton of equipment. It has two large main pockets that are perfect for hauling an extra jacket, tools, food, a box of bullets or whatever else you need. One long, insulated side pocket will hold up to six canned beverages, plus ice. Two additional front pockets add more storage, and it comes standard with a pull-over rain cover and built-in LED light, making it great for any conditions. The exterior is made out of a strong, Hydro-Shield-coated 600 denier nylon, and the zippers are sturdy. Best yet, it securely attaches to the ATV using four clips that wrap around the ATV’s rack, yet can easily be detached and carried back into the shop. www.kolpinpowersports.com


RAM GPS Mount — $35
Increasingly, a Global Positioning System (GPS) has become standard equipment among many hunters, especially the more adventurous sorts that cover a lot of ground when on the prowl. Keeping that GPS in a handy spot, and keeping it secure, is an important task tackled admirably by RAM Mounting Systems. RAM makes a variety of mounts for exacting fits on a variety of popular GPS systems. Ours securely held a Lowrance iFinder which – funny – just happens to be the GPS system used by a certain staffer. Something’s fishy here! Either way, it mounted very easily, using one U-bolt around the handlebars. The GPS fits in securely yet is easy to remove, thanks to a patented rubber ball and socket design. www.ram-mount.com

You can see a full image gallery with all of our Grizzly additions, by Clicking Here!

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