Yamaha Raptor 250 Mods

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300-class Raptor
Owner/Project Engineer: Wiseco Piston Company/Dave Sulecki
HOMETOWN: Mentor, Ohio
CLASS: Entry-level

1699615_250_1What if you had 180 or so hours to kill? Would you use that time to design ATV engine parts and build a project quad? Chances are you wouldn’t, but for aftermarket companies it’s commonplace.

We ran into this wild Yamaha Raptor 250 project quad while walking the aisles at the Indy Dealer Expo. Wiseco Lead Engineer Dave Sulecki, who was in charge of this project, acknowledged Wiseco saw great opportunity by showcasing the hot Raptor 250 at Indy. He estimated the Wiseco team invested 150 engineering and R and D hours developing and testing the engine package (this includes piston, camshaft, valve, valve spring, crankshaft, head porting and exhaust testing).

1699615_wisecoDave“When Yamaha ann-ounced the release of the Raptor 250, we felt this would be a great opportunity to showcase our in-house ability to develop a performance package,” he explained. “We all agreed that this was an exciting new model that was generating a lot of interest, so it made good sense to begin there.”

Although the Raptor 250 tops the entry-level four-stroke class in way of performance and handling, people will still need to make it faster and better. That’s what this project was all about.

1699615_250_2“With the show machine, we wanted to illustrate just how big the engine could go, so we took this one to 330cc. There was room for slightly more, but this was the best balance of bore and stroke,” added Sulecki.
However, he said a new 300cc kit is now in the warehouse. Wiseco says it will be a very popular kit and legal for some racing classes.

In fact, Sulecki said on Wiseco’s in-house engine dyno, with the 300cc kit installed and a ported head, the Raptor cranks out a little more than 25 hp at the countershaft.

1699615_250_3He said owners who choose to modify the engine themselves will need to be aware of the Raptor 250’s tight valve-to-piston clearance. Proper measurement is a necessity when installing any aftermarket camshaft.
Longtime engine buil-der and proven ATV racing mechanic Mark Baldwin of Baldwin Motorsports helped Wiseco build the project Raptor, which took another 30 hours or so to build and prep for Indy.

“We have a great working relationship with Mark, and he was one for the first people we contacted on this project. Mark’s experience in the ATV market speaks for itself, and together with our resources, we were able to put together a very nice quad,” added Sulecki.

Johnny Signs, Dubach Racing, Pro Taper, Sunstar, Braking, EK Performance, Baldwin Motorsports, JB Racing, Lone Star Racing, Rath Racing, PEP, ITP

Type: SOHC two-valve air-/oil-cooled four-stroke
Bore & stroke: 80mm x 64.26mm (330cc) or 80mm x 58mm (300cc)
Porting: Shifters
Piston: Wiseco
Valve/cam/springs: Stock/Wiseco/Stock
Carburetor/airbox: 32mm flat-slide carb/stock
Exhaust: Dubach Racing Development
Fuel: Premium unleaded
Oil: Mobil 1

Clutch basket/plates/springs: Stock
Transmission: Stock
Chain: EK Racing Quadra X Ring
Sprockets: Sunstar
Clutch lever/cables: Stock

A-Arms: JB Racing
Spindles: Stock
Tie-Rods: JB Racing
Front shocks: Performance Engineered Products by Baldwin Motorsports
Steering stem: Stock, powdercoated black

Swingarm: JB Racing
Rear axle/carrier: Lone Star Racing Axcalibar
Rear shock: PEP by Baldwin Motorsports

Tires, front: ITP Holeshot
Tires, rear: ITP Holeshot
Wheels, front: ITP SS Wheels
Wheels, rear: ITP SS Wheels
Hubs f/r: Stock

Calipers/pads, f/r: Stock
Rotors, f/r: Braking Wave rotors

Weight: 313 lbs.
Frame: Stock
Handlebars: Pro Taper
Grips: Pro Taper
Handguards: Cycra
Nerfs/footpegs/heel guards: Rath Racing
Bumper/grab bar: Rath Racing
Body plastic/graphics: Stock gray plastic w/Johnny signs custom Wiseco graphics
Seat: Stock

Contact: Wiseco Piston Company, (440) 951-6600; 800-321-1364; www.wiseco.com

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