Adrenaline’s 29FIB Surge Toybox Trailer

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Friends called it the luxmobile — short for luxury trailer. I called it one of the best toybox trailers I’ve been lucky enough to test.The Adrenaline 29FIB Surge toybox trailer has everything one needs to enjoy the open road and favorite riding areas. Pile up the miles on the pavement, then easily unload the toys and rack up the miles on your ATVs.
Adrenaline’s Surge provided us with a home away from home as we escaped city life for the serene outdoors. Each year, I organize a four-wheeling trip for a tight-knit group of friends. For the last several trips, we have ventured north to a friend’s log cabin with the basic amenities. By basic, I mean a classic cast-iron wood-burning stove, cots and lanterns. Just 20 paces behind the cabin is a rustic outhouse.
The cabin handled our needs well for the first couple of trips. Once the novelty of “roughing it” wore off, I decided I’d bring the conveniences of city life up north. After all, a hot shower to rinse off a day’s worth of dirt sounded appealing — finally I wouldn’t look like a bum to the local wait staff at our favorite post-ride watering hole.
For this particular trip, we pulled the Surge toybox with a Ford F-250 V-10. The Surge, loaded down, approached our truck’s maximum haul rating. As recommended, we used a equalizer hitch (also known as a weight distribution hitch) to relieve some of the stress off our truck’s suspension.

SurgeOutside Walk Around
When we first took delivery of the Surge we noticed, as promised, Adrenaline didn’t skimp when it came to great looks. The Surge featured cool graphics on aluminum siding, tinted safety glass windows, a powder coated I-beam chassis and fancy, 15-inch chrome wheels with load range radial tires spun by 5,200-pound EZ Lube tandem wide-track axles.
Up front, the dual 30-pound LP bottles came with a cover to protect them against the elements on the road and off, and an auxiliary LP quick connect came standard. To protect against rocks and pebbles while towing, Adrenaline included a diamond plate front stone guard. The hitch featured an electric power jack to raise and lower the toybox trailer and a hitch light for easier connection in low light situations. The jack is powered by the tongue-mounted 12-volt battery. The electric jack made connecting the trailer to the hitch a snap. For roof access, an aluminum ladder stationed up front led to the rubber-coated roof.
On the entrance side of the trailer, a sleek checkerboard roll-out patio awning was easy to use and was accompanied by a patio light. A double entrance step pulled and folded out nicely. Both sides of the trailer featured a metal lower sidewall skirt for even more protection.
Our toybox came with the optional micro quiet Onan 4 KW gas generator and fuel station located on the driver’s side of the trailer. To the right of the generator we found the electrical (behind an access panel) and water connections. A unique feature of the Surge was a high-intensity 15-foot coil water hose to spray down machines and boots. A gray and black water dump and sewer hose storage were also logically stationed on the non-entrance side.
After digesting some of the outside features, we towed the Surge back to our shop to load up and head out for our first testing weekend. Immediately we noticed our F-250 likes to chug fuel (We pulled the Surge a few weekends later with a Chevy Silverado Duramax diesel and were much happier with fuel consumption). Usually the case with long trailers, the 29-foot Surge backed up with ease to our loading doors.

Weekend Getaway Day One
We opened the Posi Lock latches on the 2,500-pound rated cargo door — which housed the spare tire — that featured Grip Star slip resistant surge1coating and coil spring door hinges. As the door lowered, some of the best interior appointments we’ve ever seen in a toybox were revealed. Since we were on a timeframe, we opted to read about the features on the way to our riding destination.
We loaded three ATVs into the toybox and used the D-ring floor tie-downs to secure our rides. A dovetail design at the ramp door made entrance into the trailer smooth. With a sport quad on board, we turned off the machine’s fuel. We recommend you turn off your ATV’s fuel if possible. Naturally, this is when we learned the Surge comes with a fuel-resistant linoleum floor in the cargo area. Up front, we loaded our gear bags through the baggage doors that can also be accessed under the front queen bed. Storage areas are large and intuitively designed inside the Surge. There was plenty of room for groceries, riding gear and clothes.
After two hours and one stop for gas, we made it to our destination under dark, starry skies. To reach the cabin a narrow, twisting drive cuts through the trees. Slowly we made our way through the 500 yards of oaks and pines and appeared into the cabin clearing. We were surprised at how well the Surge handled tight turns. Now we were set to put this toybox test into overdrive.
Unfortunately, the cabin’s lot doesn’t feature perfectly level ground. This is when we discovered a slight annoyance with the Surge: there is no level to gauge proper set up. We would have to approximate level by sight, which isn’t the easiest task. After finding what we deemed level, we dropped the retractable stabilizer jacks on blocks at all four corners and started unloading and setting up the trailer for the night.
Of course, setup was done with the help of our favorite tunes blasting from the interior surround sound and outside speakers. We turned on the remote controlled roof fan in the cargo area to expel any fumes left over from our machines. With the machines out of the toybox and the cargo door shut, we started to realize how good the Surge was.
Optional carbon-fiber cabinetry and fiberglass sidewalls really enhanced the look. We lowered the roll over fold-up sofas and noticed nice stitching and comfortable padding. Both sidewall sofas lower into beds. Apparently we tested the top-of-the-line Surge because this toybox also came with optional double electric trac queen beds stationed by the cargo door in the back.
Propane powered the refrigerator/freezer (it’s electric with service connection) and also provided gas for the three-burner high-output range with oven. Above the range, an exhaust hood with light and microwave provided all the niceties needed for cooking on the road. Slideout baskets were appreciated that made it easier to access groceries in the pantry cabinet next to the stove.
With a large eight-person group, four stayed in the cabin and the other four were lucky enough to test out the Surge for the weekend. It was a cold night, so we turned on the 25,000 BTU furnace and enjoyed comfortable sleeping.

Day Two
There weren’t many complaints about comfort after getting several hours of shut eye. The electric trac queen beds received good reviews and the side fold-down sofa/beds were comfortable enough. The front queen bed’s mattress didn’t receive as high of marks, however. If we owned this toybox, we’d buy a thicker, more comfortable mattress.
Thanks to a 104-gallon freshwater tank, there was ample water to use the stainless steel sink to rinse up used dishes and silverware. While most of the group used the cabin’s outhouse, a few opted to test out the marine toilet. No complaints there thanks to a roof vent and fan.
After riding for a full day, we returned to our staging area. We gassed-up three ATVs with the fuel station and learned to be patient. A friend with a gas can managed to top off five ATVs before we could top off three with the fuel station. It’s a small price to pay to keep gas cans and excess fuel out of the cargo hold. In year’s past, we used the cabin’s well and pumped enough water to wash hands and faces. Thanks to the Surge, that wouldn’t be necessary. The shower received positive reviews for good water pressure and a 6-gallon water heater managed hot water for eight consecutive showers. The tub was designed with a one-piece surround.
Before heading out for dinner, we watched an extreme ATV riding DVD on the optional 20-inch flat screen television and enjoyed a few frosty beverages that were cooled in the fridge.

Final Evaluation
Once we wrapped up our weekend ATV getaway our friend Jeff said, “My dad should sell his cabin and buy one of these trailers.” We knew the Surge was a hit. It will be tough to go back to the cabin next year without the luxmobile.
After we got back to the office, we managed to coax Adrenaline into letting us test the Surge toybox trailer longer than expected. The Surge became a popular choice for summer events and vacations. Too bad we couldn’t convince the boss to spend $31,500 to buy the Surge outright.


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