Yamaha Raptor 80 Mods

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RIDER: Courteney Metts
AGE: 12
CLASS: Recreational rider

1624951_HWactionWhile most 12-year-old girls are obsessed with Hannah Montana and dressing a certain way to impress their friends, Courteney Metts of New Castle, Pa., has other things on her mind. She can’t take her mind off her custom Yamaha Raptor 80.

“She started out on a battery-powered ATV, and was jumping a bicycle ramp and then on to a bouncy ball in our yard,” said Shannon, her mother. “She bent the wheels one day and came in and said ‘Daddy, I want a real ATV.’”

Her dad, Steve, did just that. One of the reasons they selected the Raptor was Courteney’s love of dinosaurs. He said Courteney has done a lot of the wrenchin’ and part planning herself.

1624951_hwFULLleft“She wanted to build the bike the way she wanted it. She has done about 95 percent of the work herself. All I had to do was maybe loosen or tighten some bolts,” he explained. “She decided to name it ‘Gothic Raptor,’ so she and I designed a decal and had it custom made.”
The first thing to go was the stock plastic as it didn’t fit Courteney’s “goth” theme. However, jet black plastic did the trick. Next, to give the little reptile more bite and a cooler look, she added ITP rims and Holeshot tires. Two-inch wheel spacers were added for a wider stance and more stability.

To boost the revs and add a little pop, a White Brothers exhaust and a Big Gun CDI box were added. To improve the Raptor’s breathing, a K&N air filter kit replaced the stock filter.

Since Steve said Courteney is rather fearless, they decided it best to beef up the ATV, too. To the chassis, they bolted on a full belly and swingarm skid plate, GYT-R front bumper, and AC Racing nerf bars.
To improve the youth quad’s looks and ergos, Courteney selected Fly handlebars, and a billet grill and gas cap.

“Her next project is to add fourth gear out of a Moto 4 engine, and change over to real Raptor-style headlights,” said Steve. “She likes the shape of the lights and they would offer more safety and better vision for her on the trails. She’s quickly outgrowing it, but the modifications and her wrenching on it has kept her interested in it.”

Courteney Metts’s Yamaha Raptor 80

Type: 79cc air-cooled 4-stroke
Bore & stroke: 47 x 45.6
Piston: Stock
Carburetor/airbox: Stock/Billet airbox
Air filter/box: K&N
Exhaust: White Brothers R4
Fuel: High octane
Oil: Vel Ray Thumper

Transmission: 3-speed automatic clutch
Final Drive: Shaft
Clutch lever/cables:Stock with pink wire loom
Shifter: Stock

A-arms (width, in.): Leading arm
Spindles: Stock
Tie-rods: All Balls
Front shocks (travel, in.): Stock (2.3)
Steering stem: Stock
Steering stabilizer: NA

Swingarm (length, in.): Stock
Rear axle (in.)/carrier: Stock
Rear shocks (travel, in.): Stock (2.2)

Tires, front: ITP Holeshots 19 x 6-10
Tires, rear: ITP Holeshots 18 x 10-8
Wheels f/r: ITP
Hubs f/r: Stock with a +2 spacer

Type, f/r: Dual sealed drum/sealed drum
Brake pedal: Stock

Handlebars: Fly Racing
Grips: Spider
Handguards: PowerMadd
Nerfs/footpegs/heel guards: AC Racing
Skid plates/bellypan: DG Performance
Fuel tank: Stock (1.8 gal.)
Body plastic/graphics/number plate: New black/custom/NA
Seat: Stock with new cover
Machine wight: 242 lbs. (approx.)

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