Performance Project: Double Take

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1335637_Twins_LeadIt’s every guy’s fantasy. Attractive, high-revving twins that travel with you on the weekends built for speed and comfort.

When Cody Anderson started planning out how his latest trick quads would look, he decided to raise the bar on his own Weird Science project. “One solid race bike has been the standard, but two are twice as nice,” he said. After some hard prep work from the mad scientist, the twins started to come to life — too bad a modern-day Kelly LeBrock didn’t come with them!

Anderson’s Rath Racing Moto-Xperts Honda TRX450Rs required a lot of legwork and nights fretting over parts delivery. With the race season fast approaching, it didn’t look like he’d be doubling his pleasure. But, as things often do, everything came together at the last minute and sent Anderson into high-speed wrenching mode before his first Supermoto race.

1335637_detailsIt’s hard enough building one project quad, so finding enough time to pay attention to both of his lovely vixens became problematic. “It’s a common problem that you can only do so much until you get this part or that part,” he said. “It was a bit of a struggle waiting on parts and keeping myself going until the next step in the building process. With a full-time job, building the bikes and training for the upcoming season, the days always felt short.”

1335637_ExhaustAs the bits and pieces started to come together behind bolted doors, Anderson began making dreams come true with his fantasy-fulfilling Honda 450Rs. It’s all in the name of science. Weird science.

Built For Speed
The man behind TC Racing, Tom Carlson, and Cody Anderson have forged a solid working partnership over the last several years. Carlson prepped Anderson’s Yamaha YFZ450 (October 2006, page 60) last season and the engine packed plenty of punch.
“After he built my wicked YFZ I had to see what he could do with a Honda.
“I’m really happy with the motor and the power delivery,” Anderson said. “It’s incredibly strong and fits my riding style perfect. The power is just everywhere.”

1335637_A-ArmsFor this twin build, Carlson provided his National MX package that included a piston, valves, cams and springs, carburetor and ignition. Both Honda engines were sent to Carlson’s Pennsylvania shop for a port and polish to improve flow and bring out the power even more. Along with all of the intense engine work, Carlson provided his freer-flowing full TC Racing exhaust system.

The detail-orientated Anderson wasn’t done yet, though. His dirt track racing background provided valuable knowledge on trimming ATV weight. He changed a lot of the bolts to a smaller diameter head and the 17mm lock nuts were downsized to lighter 14mm versions. Extra threads were trimmed and tapered to save additional ounces.

To improve power with the lower-profile ITP QuadCross MX tires riding on HiPer rims, Anderson geared the two Hondas with Renthal’s 14-tooth front and 38-tooth rear sprockets. Honda’s TRX450R transmissions have proved reliable so Anderson left them stock. A TC Racing flywheel added extra peace of mind, however.

Built For Comfort
Just located a few clicks from Anderson’s home track, Rath Racing took care of the frame work on the 450R replicas. Once the frames were gusseted, they each received a red-hot powder coat to refine the look and add another layer of durability.

Along with the frames, Rath Racing took care of the A-arms. When we asked what’s the greatest part of Rath’s A-arms, Anderson couldn’t pinpoint just one feature. “What isn’t great about the arms? Let’s start there,” he said. “Rath is the king of lightweight parts and he extended that into his MX line of products.

“The arms are lightweight and offer superior strength in all aspects. The range of adjustability is awesome to have. Not to mention they slip right into the frame. The heims are a teflon-coated, self-cleaning and self-lubricating joint. No amount of dirt, sand or mud will bind them. Daryl [Rath] feels that if he can’t be the best in the industry at whatever it is he’s making, then he just won’t make it.”

Complementing the Rath front end are Elka Elite long travel shocks that Anderson says provide a very accommodating and comfortable ride. And, thanks to track support from Moto-Xpert’s Toby Reed, Anderson says he’s never had suspension work so well on any of his ATVs.

“Toby is great with motors and a genius with suspension,” Anderson said. “We try different valving and cross-over heights during the weeks between races and the suspension just keeps getting better and better. The Elka suspension was surprisingly plush, yet it retained great bottoming resistance on the bigger gaps.”

For increased comfort, Elka’s System 3 stabilizer was sought out for both 450Rs. Anderson said he read the entire guide on the stabilizer before installing it, and it is the best one he’s ever used. “I recommend everybody reads the guide before installing it,” he added. “The guide tells you exactly what each adjustment does and was very helpful.”

Out back, a Lone Star swingarm and Lone Star Outlaw linkage are mated to the Elka shock that provides 11 inches of travel. It’s made huckin’ the biggest gaps easier when the bulk of machine and rider weight downsides the jump.

Additional comfort was gained by the Quad Tech seat cover and extra foam that makes 15-minute motos bearable. As with other Anderson bike builds, the Honda’s receive Fasst’s Flexx bars to reduce vibration sent to the rider.

Built For Double Takes
Look closely at the back end of these beauties and you’ll notice something unique: moly coated brake calipers. Rather than powder coating the calipers, Anderson and BK Performance decided to opt for moly coat.

“Moly coat is applied just like powder coat and the process is basically the same,” he said. “But moly coating has certain properties that helps dissipate heat away from the rotors and the calipers. Since I like to race a few Supermotos, this was something I wanted to have done.”

Also unique to both Honda’s are Rath Racing’s customized nerf bars and pegs. The aggressive peg serrations extend farther out for additional traction. “I know this sounds crazy, but the nerf bars are probably my single-most favorite feature,” Anderson said. “I had him custom make those monster pegs that extend all the way to the end of the nerf. I like having the foot out on the end and still having grip. It’s not something he makes for everybody. It was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made on this build.”

Other Rath Racing components included the bumper, grab bar, skid plate and graphics for a unified look. Laker Custom’s full plastic kit refined the appearance even more. Quad Tech’s popular nose cone gave the knockout 450Rs an enhanced front end. For look and function, ASV’s clutch and brake levers were bolted on.

Anderson wants everything to be perfect on his machines, and a perfect example are the DuraBlue hubs that save weight and improve looks. “I originally had the stock hubs poweder caoted the same color as the frame. When I put them on there I just wasn’t sold on them,” he said. “I was looking for added style as well as function. To save weight and at the same time add beauty, I decided to hook up with DuraBlue for some killer hubs.”

When the project was all said and done, Anderson had plenty of guy’s drooling in envy at the opening WPSA race after seeing him pull two fine 450R twins out of the trailer.

Cody Anderson’s Honda 450Rs
Sponsors: Rath Racing, Moto-Xperts, TC, HiPer, Laker Custom, Quad Tech, Streamline, Lone Star, Fasst Company, Project 321, Scott Optics, Fly Racing, ITP, K&N, St. Boni Motorsports, J-Tech, Truxedo, BK Performance, ASV, Rox, Custom STDs, Cardio Stack, Lost Creek Cycles, One West Clothing, Premis Industries, Janssen Motorsports, Mom and Dad
Frame: Rath Racing gusseted
Type: TRX450R
Bore & stroke: Stock
Porting: TC
Piston: TC
Valves/cam/springs: TC
Air filter: K&N
Exhaust: TC
Fuel: MRX01
Oil: Bel-Ray
Clutch basket/plates/springs: Stock
Transmission: Stock
Flywheel: TC
Chain: Regina O-ring
Sprockets: Renthal
Sprocket hub: Lone Star
Gearing f/r: 14/38
Clutch lever/cables: ASV/stock
Shifter: Stock
A-arms (width, in.): Rath Racing +2
Spindles: Stock
Tierods: Rath Racing
Front shocks (travel, in.): Elka (11)
Steering Stabilizer: Elka System 3
Swingarm: Lone Star
Linkage: Lone Star Outlaw
Rear axle/carrier: Lone Star
Anti-fade nut: Lone Star
Rear shock: Elka
Tires f/r: ITP QuadCross
Wheels f/r: HiPer 4 x 1 non-beadlock/HiPer 8-inch single beadlock
Hubs f/r: DuraBlue
Calipers f/r: Stock moly coated by BK Performance
Pads: Streamline
Rotors f/r: Stock
Brake pedal: Stock
Brake hub: Lone Star
Brake lines: Streamline
Brake lever: ASV
Handlebars: Fasst Flexx
Grips: Scott
Handguards: Rox
Tether kill switch: White Brothers
Nerfs/footpegs/heel guards: Rath Racing
Bumper/grab bar: Rath Racing
Skid plates/belly pan: Rath Racing
Fuel tank: Stock
Body plastic/graphics/number plate: Laker Custom/Rath/Rath
Seat/seat foam: Quad Tech
Nose cone: Quad Tech
Gas cap: Project 321

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